Acne Scar Treatment

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Acne, be gentle or severe, tend to go away behind very little to extreme scars on the skin. Acne marks on face are often embarrassing and should have an effect on your self-worth. Acne Scars are often removed for good with the assistance of lasers, fillers and micro needling radiofrequency treatment. At Aum Clinics, we tend to follow a holistic approach once it involves skin disease and skin disease scar reduction treatment. Aum Clinics is one in all the sole clinics to supply fractionalized micro needling radiofrequency treatment for skin disease scar removal.

Acne Scar Reduction

On your visit to the clinic, Aum Clinics doctor can judge your condition and confirm what’s best for you. For terribly gentle skin disease scars, you will be counseled associate degree FDA Approved Cream or ointment which will be enough. For patients with gentle to severe skin disease scars, the patient are also counseled our latest Aureate Sachet Scar Removal treatment. The amount of sessions needed to fully heal the scar can depend upon the severity of the scar. The treatment could be a lunch time procedure and also the patient will come to traditional activity right away. You’ll contact our front table to grasp a lot of concerning skin disease scar reduction.

The most advanced 1556nm Fiber optical device for inflammatory disease scars not to mention our specialist Doctors, is that the resolution to those skin issues. You’ll notice definite changes once the terribly initial treatment session. The 1556nm Fiber optical device has established to considerably cut back moderate to deep scarring and stubborn pigmentation. We have tend to even offer treatment for scars on the higher back and chest, which might be confirmed solely once an intensive examination.

Our Medical Team

Skin is that the most evident a part of our body and therefore, we tend to don’t need it get on the incorrect hands. Therefore, it’s suggested that you just visit solely the simplest and experienced doctors for the skin treatments. Delhi is India’s leading non-invasive cosmetic team that is ruled by the famed Dr. Ashish Bhanot. We expertise of treating quite 25000 skin condition patients and have restricted a range of advanced skin varieties and conditions. We tend to prepare the whole arrange solely when obtaining a position on the case.

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