Anal Fistula

It is developed between the end of bowel and area around the anus. Its internal opening is in the anal canal and the external opening is in the skin around the anus. It is basically a small channel with internal and external openings. It can be painful and cause bleeding as well.

1: Pain while sitting
2: Discharge of fluid, pus or blood from the area
3: At times, swelling, high temperature and unpleasant odour
4: Skin infection and irritation around anus 

The treatment depends on the position of fistula. Fibrin glue is used to seal the tract and the opening is sutured. However, it is not suitable for long-term but it is a simple and painless method.Colostomy is also performed to relieve the area and to heal it.

PERFACT Procedure is the recent one which involves minimum cutting procedure. The internal opening is permanently closed in this method.

Seton techniques are also used to treat patients with Anal Fistula. A seton, which is a thread, is left in the fistula tract.

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