Breast Lift

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The cosmetic surgery which is used to raise the size of the breasts is called breast lift surgery. It is also called mastopexy. The breasts are elevated by modifying the size of the breasts by the surgeons. The tissues are tightened which area round the breasts and the extra skin is removed. In order to resize the breasts, especially the women whose breasts’ size gets reduced owing to postpartum, mastopexy is done.


A general anesthesia is given to patient before the surgery. Then the incision is done either around the areola, down from the areola or down from the crease of breast. The tissue is then lifted and given a shape. The area around the nipple i.e. areola and nipple are heightened. Also, the extra breast skin is taken off by the surgeon. The incisions and cuts are then closed which leads to the tightening of the skin. Sometimes the cuts are visible but at times they fade away on their own with the passage of time. The area is sutured to hold the new shape and structure of breasts.


In order to reduce the swelling, women are advised to wear a support bra so that they can heal quickly. Patients need to consult doctor for follow-up care and must avoid physical work for a month at least.

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