Gall Bladder Stones

The solid material, i.e. stones, that forms around the area of liver are known as gallstones. The body weight, lifestyle and genes can be the reasons for the gall bladder stones. There are two types of gallstones – cholesterol stones and pigment stones. Cholesterol stones are yellowish-green. When there is excess of cholesterol in the bile, cholesterol stones are formed. Pigment stones are small in size and dark in colour. They are made when there the amount of bilirubin is in great amounts in the bile. 

1: Pain in abdomen
2: Pain do not allow peaceful sleep
3: Pain in the shoulders
4: Vomiting and nausea
5: Severe and constant pain

Cholecystectomy, that is, gallstone surgery, is performed for the removal of stones from gall bladder. It is done for the patients with complicated stones. There are two types of cholecystectomy – on is the open and the other is laparoscopic. In the open surgery, incision is done below the lower right ribs. Laparoscopic is performed with the help of puncture holes and instruments.

Patients can start the normal diet after the surgery after a week in both the surgeries.

A die which is low on fat and cholesterol is recommended for the prevention of gallstones. Also, stones like cholesterol stones dissolve on their own by taking drugs that are made of bile.

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