The bulge of a body tissue or organ through the body cavity from where it exists is known as hernia. Hernias are primarily involve the area around abdomen. There are different types of hernia like hiatus, umbilical and incisional. A surgery is required to cure it as it does not disappear on its own.

1: The affected area gets painful
2: Certain kind of
3: Burning sensation near the area of the bulge of body tissue
4: Heartburn, ache in chest and difficulty in eating due to pain

There are many ways to treat hernia but one should start with the change in one’s way of living. Eat healthy food and do not stuff yourself with food. Going directly to bed after meal is prohibited. Maintaining body weight through regular workout can also help a good deal. However, if this doesn’t help, one needs to undergo a surgery.

The problem arises when the supply of blood to the bowel part is blocked. Surgery is required in such cases. Whereas hernia truss is also used to treat hernia, though the benefits are quite vague from truss.

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