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The damage of spinal cord due to some injury or natural reason is called myelopathy. It is called spinal cord injury when it occurs because of trauma. It is called myelitis when it is due to inflammation. The body functions effectively only when the spinal cord is balanced and in order. 

1: Difficulty in turning or bending
2: Pain in neck
3: Bowel related problems and sex dysfunction
4: Fatigue felt in the limbs
5: Heaviness in legs, problem in walkings
6: Trouble while walking and writing
6: Pain in shoulders and sensation felt in arms and legs

Medications are provided to the people suffering from myelopathy in order to lessen the pain and discomfort. Depending on the nature of myelopathy, medical treatment with antibiotics is given. There are treatments available for multiple sclerosis. Physical therapy is recommended by doctors to strengthen the muscles. Also, injections are given to relieve the pain caused in the affected area.

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