Pilonidal Sinus

It is a small hole which erupts between the cheeks of buttocks, mostly at the end on the upper side. It is a sort of skin infection and the hole is filled with pus and infection leading to the formation of cyst. It is caused by sedentary lifestyle, obesity or great amount of hair. They are itchy and painful. 

1: Pain while standing or sitting
2: Yellow discharge from the area of coccyx
3: Discomfort while riding and sitting at a place for continuous hours
4: Red, rough area around the skin
4: Swelling of the abscess

Surgery is recommended by a doctor in case of revenant PS. All the pus is removed during the surgery and the wounds are sutured.

Antibiotic therapies, creams and hot compresses are also used to treat PS. Antibiotics are given when the case is not severe and is in its early stage. The antibiotics can treat bacteria and can taper off pain and infection. Also, it can be treated with fibrin glue which is a less painful method than the traditional treatments like excisional techniques.

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