PRP Treatment

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PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment which heals the body and make it young. The PRP is injected into the dead tissues so that there is renewal of new, healthy cells. PRP treatment is used for promoting hair growth, treating tendon injuries, torn ligament and osteoarthritis, healing sports injuries, etc. PRP contains certain substances that promote healing of tissues and joints. Your own blood cells are used to treat the process of aging so that your skin looks beautiful and youthful.


It takes around 30-40 minutes. It is injected in different ways, sometimes with a local anesthetic so that the patient does not feel any kind of discomfort. A sample of your blood is taken, depending on location where PRP will be injected. It is then placed into a device called centrifuge after which the blood component segregate. Separate plasma is taken and prepared, for injecting in the area where is is needed. The injected is then injected to the area, eventually.


One can continue with one’s daily activities after consulting the doctor. Some patients are not allowed to resume their routine work, though. People who go for this treatment post any injury are required to rest for some weeks post treatment. The results would show after PRP treatment in that you will notice the quick healing and growth of hair or any area where you took the treatment.

Hurry up, to get treated and get pampered!

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