Sensitive Dermatology

When to see a Dermatology – Your skin ought to begin to feel higher quickly. If these changes don’t bring relief, you will need to examine a skin doctor. Terribly dry skin will need a prescription ointment or cream. Dry skin can also be a symptom of a skin condition that desires treatment. A Dermatologist will examine your skin and make a case for what will facilitate cut reduce your discomfort.

Healthy and glowing skin is what all folks want because it affects our look and our personality too. Our skin is that the largest organ of the body, providing 12-15% of our weight and an extent of concerning 1 to two sq. meters. Not solely will the skin enclose our organs, providing them protection against minor scratches and blunt force trauma, but, it conjointly works dedicatedly to advice pathogens which may enter in our body through the skin. Once our skin undergoes an injury, it naturally interweaves along to create scars. In such cases New Delhi primarily based medical specialist can assist you.

Our physicians are trained at the highest medicine residency programs within the country. All our physicians are experts. Two of our physicians also are board certified in dermatopathology. Our medical Assistants are high graduates of best PA programs within the country and have completed rigorous medicine specific coaching before treating patients beneath the strict steering of our board certified dermatologists. We strive to be accessible to our patients by accepting most insurance. Our suppliers and employees speak multiple languages and are sensitive to cultural practices of our patients. We tend to open early and have evening and weekend hours for patients’ convenience in clean and modern facilities.

Types of Sensitive Dermatology Options

Birth Marks




Burn Scar

Stretch Marks



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