Skin Tags

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Skin tags are benign skin growths in the shape of a balloon. The creases and folds are formed in the skin. The major reason for the development of skin tags is obesity in people. Skin tags develop in men and women equally. They are usually painless, and are small in size and often called as skin tabs or warts by people. They are bumps on skin and the small kids can also develop these because of their being plump and fat. Also, pregnant women develop skin tags because of gaining weight.

Skin tags generally occur on armpits, neck, eyelids, under the breasts and groin folds. They should be removed if there is death of the skin tissue or irritation in the area of skin tag. It is basically caused when the skin gets rubbed with the skin. Therefore, it is mostly found on people who have an overweight problem. At times, they fall on their own and do not cause any discomfort.

Skin Tags Treatment

Removing a skin tag is unnecessary. But it can be removed in cases when someone experiences irritation or the appearance is totally damaged with it.

There are no creams or gels as such for removing the skin tags. These are either removed by cutting off or when tied off with dental floss. 

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