Spinal Deformity

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Any damage in the spine can cause deformity in the spine such as side-to-side curvature, known as scoliosis or kyphosis. There is no pain until there is pressure on the nerves. It is mostly common in young people, however, can be seen in adults as well as kids. 

1: Pain in legs, back and thighs
2: Hump on the back on either side
3: Crinkled shoulders or waistline
4: Weakness felt in body
5: Cramps in muscles

The treatment for spinal deformity rests on various factors like age, degree of pain, appearance of spine, etc. Spine stabilization surgery is performed to straighten the spine. The bones of the spine are merged together with the aid of bone grafts. Metallic implants are used to hold them together. It is required when there is numbness in the leg.

There are non-surgical methods as well like anti-inflammatory agents and relaxants. Custom made braces are also used to provide relief to the lower back in order to reduce pressure.

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