Spinal Infection Treatment

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When the area around the spinal cord, vertebral bones, spinal canal, intervertebral disc and the dural sac gets infected, there occurs spinal infection. Bacteria, viruses and post-spinal surgery can cause the infection. The major causes for spinal infection are cancer, obesity, malnutrition, HIV or diabetes.

1: Pain in neck and back
2: Loss in body weight and fever
3: Redness in the area of wound
4: Sensation in arms and legs
5: Difficulty in movement

Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are available for treating spinal infection. In surgical method, the wounds are washed away and the the tissues that are affected are obliterated. Due to the infection, there is instability of the spine, at times. In order to prevent the spinal cord from high pressure, surgical method is adopted. Sometimes, the infection is not restricted by the antibiotics, therefore surgery is performed to relieve pain.

Also, good rest, medications and intravenous antibiotics are given to the patients.

Hurry up, to get treated and get pampered!

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