Tummy Tuck

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Tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery for slimming the abdomen. Is also known as abdominoplasty. The abdomen becomes thin and firm with this surgery. The muscles of the abdomen are tightened by this surgery thereby cutting the fat on skin on middle or lower abdomen.


An anesthesia is given to the person before the surgery. A cut is made above the pubic area and another incision is done in order to free the belly button. In order to tighten the fascia the surrounding skin is done away from the wall of abdomen. Finally the dressing is done.

There are other kinds of abdominoplasty as well such as partial, extended and circumferential.


It takes around one to four week to recover after surgery. Swellings and pain goes after some weeks. In case you do not heal even after a good amount of time, a second surgery is required sometimes. Bruises and discomfort is natural after surgery. It takes about 3 to 6 months to recover completely. Nicotine is to be avoided completely during the recovery and before the surgery as well.

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