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A growth on body which is small and rough is called a wart. They are not painful at all, save when they appear on legs. One can have one or many warts and they are not harmful and cancerous. However, they become obstruction in one’s beauty and overall appearance. The cause of the warts is the infection or virus HIP ( Human papillomavirus), which affects the skin. Sometimes they vanish on their own.

There are different kinds of warts like flat wart, plantar wart, genital wart, common wart, periungual wart, etc. 

Warts Treatment

When it comes to warts in children, they vanish quickly. People who have warts should consult a doctor after which he tests the tissues and examine the warts. Antibiotics also help in certain cases.

Salicylic acid is used to treat body warts. It is present in gels, creams and medicated band-aids. Before applying it on the warts, petroleum jelly should be applied on the skin around the wart so that the healthy skin doesn’t damage. The wart should be soaked five minutes before in the warm water before applying it. Surgeries are also performed under anesthesia, laser surgery is also done in which laser beams obliterates warts.

Cantharidin is a treatment in which the doctor applies a substance called blister beetle and some chemicals. Moreover, cryotherapy is also performed in which freezing liquid is sprayed on the wart.

One can take care of the warts by being careful such as keeping the hands dry, washing hands after touching others’ warts, not sharing shoes and socks of others and by not scratching the warts.

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